Which Home Remodeling Projects Pay Off Best?

Which Home Remodeling Projects Pay Off Best?

Many homeowners undertake home remodeling projects to enhance their family’s quality of life. The best projects to take on are those, which, aside from adding value to your home and quality of life, give you the best return for your money when it is time to sell your house.

According to experts in real estate, the following home remodeling projects are among those that tend to pay off best:

1. Kitchen improvements

The kitchen is not only the hub or heart of the home. It is also the hardest- working room.


Most people prefer to buy a home that comes with an upgraded kitchen; they do not want to spend tons of money remodeling a kitchen after they purchase a house. It is not surprising that buyers often look at this high-traffic, high-use area first when they size up a home against its asking price.


The key is not to go overboard. You do not want to spend a lot of money to make your kitchen look plush or fancy. Few buyers are likely to appreciate a supersize luxury refrigerator, a high-tech garbage compactor, or a ridiculously expensive wine cooler if it means that they have to pay more for your home. You don’t want your kitchen to look way too fancy compared to the rest of the house.


You are likely to get the best return on your money by concentrating your kitchen remodel on the following upgrades:


  • Use paint to spruce up your kitchen.

Paint is fairly inexpensive – but it goes a long way to make your kitchen look new and appealing. You may want to use non-toxic and low-VOC paint to make your kitchen safer and more eco-friendly.


  • Use energy-efficient appliances in place of old appliances.

Energy-efficient models employ less energy and help you cut down on your energy consumption. Potential buyers usually appreciate a new home that helps them save money.

  • Install new floors, modern kitchen sink and faucet, and new or resurfaced kitchen countertops and cabinets.

Installing simple changes need not be time-consuming or costly.

Replace worn flooring with the more modern vinyl or tile options. Replace an outmoded kitchen cabinet with a gourmet-style model. Replace scarred or chipped Formica countertops with those made from granite or quartz. Replace the fluorescent overhead bulbs with monorail lighting. Add an interesting or fanciful backsplash.


You can easily manage these simple changes that bring instant appeal to your kitchen.

2. Bathroom remodel

Bathrooms are considered to be a strong selling point in any house. Upgrade your bathrooms and your house will make a bigger impact on prospective buyers.


You don’t have to squander a big sum of money for a bathroom home remodeling project. You can improve the look and feel of your bathrooms by making a few easy-to-manage changes.


Re-grout the tiles. Get rid of old caulk and replace it with fresh caulk, especially around the tub, shower, and toilet areas. Replace outdated fixtures and mirrors with contemporary styles. Replace the toilet with one that has a more modern look and more efficient functionality.

3. Landscaping

Everybody agrees that neatly trimmed lawns, blooming flowers, and healthy plants and trees make a home look more charming and appealing. Use shrubs, flowerbeds, plant hedges, borders, paths and other landscaping ideas to increase the value of your home. It is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to enhance your curb appeal.


Add value to your home by planting native trees, young shrubs, and perennial foliage. These plants make your home look pretty. They also cool down your property and help you reduce your energy cost. They add value not only to your home but to the neighboring homes, as well.

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4. Spruced-up front door and garage door

Upgrade your front door and garage door. This may sound like a simple and unexciting upgrade but it is guaranteed to yield a significant recoup of your renovation expenses.


Don’t let your old squeaky front door deter buyers; invest on a new door and see the difference in the way people look at your home. When you add a new front door – or just spruce it up with fresh paint and new hardware, you help your house create an amazing first impression on people.


The same goes with your garage door. Raise your curb appeal – and improve the functionality of your entrance, by getting an upscale garage door. Today’s models are built with aluminum, wood composites, steel and other durable materials. Most come with high-performance add-ons like energy-saving insulation and glazing.

5. New siding and windows

Get rid of old, tired-looking, and drafty windows. Install new energy-efficient windows that not only brighten up your home but also add insulation, prevent drafts, and help you save on your utility costs.


Don’t let faded, damaged, or old siding date your house. Update your siding and see how much improvement it can do to your house.


Opt for modern vinyl sidings that are fade-resistant. If you want a more luxurious look, splurge on manufactured stone veneer or fiber cement sidings.

6. Deck addition

An increasing number of people now appreciate the value of outdoor living spaces.


Add value to your home by adding a deck. Having a charming backyard and deck will make staying home with your family more attractive. It will also make your home more appealing to prospective buyers should you decide that it is time to sell.

7. Energy-efficient insulation

Installing energy-efficient insulation makes your home more comfortable to live in. It also allows you to make significant savings on your utility bills.


Look for leaks and cracks in your home, and seal them. Use a thermal leak detector to alert you to areas prone to drafts or cold so you can add insulation or caulk where it is needed.


Mount a programmable thermostat. Install a high-quality water heater. Savvy homebuyers usually look for installations that help trim energy expenses.

8. Basic home remodeling projects

Buyers want a home that is well cared for. Look for projects that keep your home in great shape. Repaint the interior and the exterior of your home. See to it that the roof is well maintained and doesn’t leak. Replace old electric wiring and rotting wood. Get rid of mold.


Routine maintenance should always be a part of your home remodeling efforts. It ensures that your house is safe, solid, and healthy – things that buyers always look for in a home.