We specialize in residential lighting installations, and we can help with both the aesthetic and practical projects you may have for your home.

Indoor lighting is an integral part of interior design. It can help make your house feel like a home. It can likewise be an essential aspect of landscaping. But, lighting is a big contributor to power consumption as it accounts for a considerable part of the total energy consumed in your home.

With proper residential lighting installation, you can save on power costs, while at the same time conserve natural resources. Bear in mind that electrical upgrades and repairs should not be taken on as a DIY project.

Our team will work with you closely in creating your ideal lighting set-up. We can make your lighting system easy to maintain and fully automated.

Interior Lighting Installation

One of the most efficient ways of increasing your home’s safety and security is through the installation of the right lighting system. A well-lit home is a potential crime deterrent. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, and you will feel safe in the knowledge that you’re coming home each night to a perfectly-lit home.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is typically the most concentrated and functional. It is intended for such purposes like reading, writing, or inspection of materials.

Accent Lighting

A decorative type of lighting, accent lighting is intended to highlight plants, pictures, and other elements of the landscaping or interior design

Overhead Lighting

This type of lighting is for the general illumination of a specific area.

Incandescent, Compact Florescent and Florescent Lighting

No matter what kind of light, we can help. Some of the interior lighting solutions we offer include; recessed, under cabinet, art lighting, pendant lighting, track lighting, up and down lighting, niche lighting, chandelier, sconce and alcove lighting. Electrical repairs & upgrades are not a DIY endeavor.

Incandescent, Florescent, and Compact Florescent Lighting

Regardless of the kind of lighting solution you need, we can help. Our range of lighting solutions include art lighting, recessed, under cabinet, track lighting, pendant lighting, niche lighting, sconce, above lighting, up and down lighting, and chandelier.

Exterior Security Lighting

Among the more popular choices for homeowners in terms of exterior illumination is outdoor security lighting. Making sure that a particular area is well-lit during night serves as a crime deterrent, and plays a significant role in keeping burglars and intruders away.

Two of the most crucial properties to consider in outdoor security lighting are brightness and responsiveness. A more illuminated fixture carries light farther. A more focused illumination is likewise important. This way, light doesn’t get lost in the night’s darkness.

Exterior Decorative Lighting

Exterior decorative lighting is ideal for illuminating walkways, trees, plants, and shrubs, as well as to provide the right ambience to your yard. Among the exterior lighting options we offer include security lighting, flood lights, post lights, coach lighting, and porch lighting.

If you need more information on indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as security lighting features, schedule an appointment with us. We will assess your lighting needs and find ways to help you.

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