Home Remodeling and Renovation Ideas

Home Remodeling and Renovation Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

Doing a home makeover lets you address issues like peeling paint, faulty doors and dim areas. Aside from that, it also allows you to add cost-cutting and space-saving features. The improvements can boost your property value as well. However, you need to know that not all home remodeling and renovation ideas are good.

If you tend to follow trends, you’ll end up with a home that doesn’t show the real you. Worse, you’ll have an interior that may not look appealing in the future. Instead, you should go for changes that will never go out of style like the following:

1. Focus on low-maintenance solutions.

Many assume that remodeling means making elaborate changes. More often than not, the alterations are aimed at simplifying daily chores.


Instead of those old, intricate wallpapers, decorate your walls using paint. Paint will need re-coating after some time. But even so, it’s relatively easier to maintain than wallpapers. It’s also less expensive.


You should also enhance your front yard. You do not have to buy expensive ornamentals and hire the best landscaper in town. Simply head to a local nursery or find a supplier of plants online. Look for plants that are native or endemic in your area. Take a tour in your neighborhood to see what thrive in your place.


If you have limited gardening skills, invest on planters. You can go for box types made from wood or concrete. If you can afford the giant ones, choose multiple small decorative pots.


2. Free up some space.

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy or dispose anything to renovate. Rearranging your furniture could be enough to make your home feel and look better. When rearranging, focus on removing pieces that tend to obstruct.


Instead of wall-mounted or standalone bidets, go for a handheld one. You can also choose a toilet seat cover equipped with a bidet.


As for your bathroom sink, a wall-mounted one is a great space-saver. Ditch the vanity sink. For your storage needs, install floating cabinets.


Let go of the shower enclosure as well. Doing so minimizes risky features in your bathroom. It also lessens the parts you have to clean. A walk-in shower ensures a more spacious bath area.

3. Bring in the outdoors.

Make any room look brighter and more spacious by having bigger windows. Consider skylights too. If you have a small deck, install accordion-type of windows. Such is relatively cheaper than glass panels.


4. Make use of mirrors

Mirrors are more than just tools for you to check your look. These could be decorative pieces in their own. They also fit any interior.

You can choose between framed and frameless mirrors. Both types can add depth to a room. However, bigger and frameless mirrors tend to do it better. Aside from depth, these pieces help reflect light, making a room brighter.

These benefits are best felt when the mirrors are installed in entryways, bathrooms and walk-in closets. You can also put a framed mirror above your fireplace’s mantel.

These days, mirrors can also serve as covers for a small storage space. You can even have a custom-made door hidden behind a mirror.

For the mirror in your vanity, upgrade the lighting around it. Choose energy-efficient options when buying lights.

5. Add dual-purpose features

Dual-purpose furniture and appliances help you save space. Moreover, they also lessen possible cleaning tasks.

A bench with compartments underneath is ideal for your entryway. The compartments can serve as storage space for footwear. Place a floating cabinet over the bench, too. Attach racks near the base of the cabinet for hanging coats and bags.

You might want to replace the glass-topped center table in your living room as well. Choose a wooden type, which can have compartments underneath.

Maximize the space in your bedroom by having platform bed. Such furniture requires elevating a big portion of the room. The top can have the original flooring material of your bedroom. The mattress is then put on the elevated portion. The platform and stairs can be modified to have storage spaces.

You can also turn have compartments under the main stair of your home. These compartments can be reserved for wines or books.


6. Improve spaces where you bond with family and friends

Do you love hosting backyard parties? Make sure you have enough outdoor seats. You can install awning in front of your shed and place a bench underneath it.


If you have the money, skills, tools and manpower, create a pit as well. Set up concrete seats on the pit’s edges. Think of it as your small amphitheater.


You might also want to enhance your deck. Turn the railings into planters for succulents. You can also transform them into a bar.


Consider rearranging and clearing your basement and attic, too. You can use those areas for movie viewings with loved ones. You can also set up a game room therein.

7. Take advantage of cushions

Installing DIY headboards is a simple change that can have dramatic impact. You can opt for a headboard with compartment for additional storage. However, cushioned ones tend to be comfier. It’s not like you can lean on compartments anyway.


An oversized, oxford style suits most bedrooms. You can apply upholstery to make the headboard look fancier.


You can also try Finsbury, Redcliffe and Berkeley types of headboard. If you prefer fancier types, Bonn, York and Cavendish styles will match your preferences.


Cushions aren’t just for headboards though. You can put them over wooden seats to make them more comfortable. With waterproof cases, you can also use cushions to cover swings and concrete seats outdoors.


8. Try white

A mostly white interior is simply classy. The said color makes a room feel cooler and look more hygienic. Think of how white toilets, sinks and tubs remain superior over colored ceramic fixtures. The same goes for white bedding essentials.


White also matches with other colors and with most design themes. Stains in such color tend to stand our more. However, such attribute helps you spot dirt and clean it sooner.


Painting your walls white isn’t the only way to take advantage of the color. You may also paint your kitchen cabinets white. If you don’t have floating cabinets yet, consider having them and coating them with such color as well.

You do not have to renovate everything at once. You can do it gradually. This helps prevent you from draining your monthly budget. Furthermore, it lets you appreciate one change at a time.