Prized for its natural beauty and lasting durability, hardwood in your home makes a rich visual statement but keeps cleanup a breeze.

Hardwood is highly valued for its innate beauty and superior durability. When used in your home, it provides an elegant look, but makes clean-up quick and easy.

A hardwood floor combines style with strength. It comes in a wide array of colors, styles, and textures that it would be unthinkable if you don’t find the perfect choice for your home. Here, we offer both engineered and solid hardwood from the most trusted manufacturers in the world.

When you have solid wood flooring installed, you get the assurance that each plank is made from a solid wood piece from the finest exotic and domestic hardwoods. These floors are ideally installed above or on grade.

Wood species come in a variety of light sensitivity and hardness levels. Thus, you should consider the expected foot traffic, light exposure, and furniture when selecting the wood species to use.

The engineered hardwood floor material comes from real hardwood. It has a cross-ply construction that is resistant to expansion as well as contraction due to changes in humidity. You can install it on any level.

Hardwood Floor Installation


The best part about hardwood flooring, arguably, is its looks. You can either go for more uniform patterns or pick a style that features distinctive natural variations, mineral marks, and knots. To create an airy vibe, you can opt for light-coloured hardwoods. For a warm ambience, golden honey tones may do the trick.

Wide planks are ideal for creating a rustic ambiance, and enhancing the natural beauty of your chosen wood. When properly maintained, you can expect your hardwood flooring to last for many years, giving your home decades of timeless beauty.

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