Residential Framing

Residential Framing

House framing is actually made up of a number of smaller, separate projects that are later assembled to come up with the finished home. Basically, a building or home is framed in different sections, and these sections are joined together. The most common materials used for framing is wood, although framing using metal is fast becoming popular today, as well.

As a homeowner, you typically would want to watch as your home is being framed. After all, this is the part of the construction where you can first see your dream house take shape.

In the entire residential construction process, structural framing is probably among the most exciting and most important phases. This is because framing requires utmost accuracy. Without being 100% accurate, you may not get a clean and solid structure that would allow for smooth transitions to other phases.

It is our job to ensure that all plans and the building code are followed to the letter, execute the framing job with accuracy and precision, and make unforeseen and immediate adjustments as required after applying proper troubleshooting techniques.

Blueprints are not always perfect. In case your blueprint has some flaws, trust our highly experienced and skilled project managers and foremen to spot irregularities and make the necessary adjustments to correct the plan.

In this industry, logistics and safety are of utmost important to keeping order, and meeting the production deadlines. Our competent workforce is committed to providing the kind of service expected of us.

We consider framing, and whatever obstacles the jobsite may pose – not as challenges – but as great opportunities to showcase our expertise.


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