Every project is different. It requires proper planning, budgeting and the right team to execute your vision. Jeff Jones, owner of Carolina Demolition, and his team of highly-skilled contractors fulfill all demolition projects, including everything from mobile home removal to building demolition plus full removal of all materials to the landfill which may include any trash left inside.

House Demolition

When you call us for a free on-site estimate, we will come and do a walk-around of your property to assess the layout of your land, and the ease of access to the structure. From there, we’ll determine what equipment and how many men we need to bring, how long the job will take, and how much weight we’ll need to dispose of at the landfill – and don’t worry, we take care of all the permits as well!

Mobile Home Removal

Much like a home demo, we can demolish all types of mobile homes as well. During the on-site property assessment, we’ll take you through the whole process and determine what exactly we need to get the job done effectively and efficiently. The typical 800 – 2000 square foot home is usually a 1 day job for us. Are you rebuilding? Ask us about smoothing and leveling the area out to help your builder!

Building Demolition

Buildings that are deemed unsafe due to fire, floods, age, structure, etc. must eventually come down to make room for new projects. Jeff Jones and his team are experts at creating demolition plans, with the ultimate goal of demolishing buildings in the safest, most efficient way possible while staying on budget. Leave it to us to handle the site prep and take care of necessary permits to get your job done!