Natural Stone


The most popular & effective natural stone for countertops. The beauty and unique qualities of each slab can be breathtaking. With its heat resistant qualities, granite doesn’t blister and is unlikely to chip or scratch. While day to day cleaning with a mild soap and water will suffice, your granite should be resealed periodically. Granite also increases the resale value of your home. Links to our supplier’s current inventory are provided below.



The undeniable beauty of marble accounts for it being the most well known of all the natural stones. It is also the softest of all the natural stones. Must be cleaned with a natural stone cleaner and resealed periodically. The porosity and softness of marble makes it more ideal for bathrooms where there is less traffic.

Manufactured Stone


A man made product that has similar properties of granite. A non-porous and easily cleanable surface that requires no sealant appeal to people who are looking for an alternative to natural stone. Quartz also provides a consistent and large range of colors including solid colors.


Bathrooms Countertops

Add Value Anyone Can Appreciate
It is important to note, that while we love completing total bath remodel projects, no task is too small for our team. Whether it is replacing a countertop or a total bathroom makeover, we firmly believe in delivering a high-quality final product that will exceed your expectations. No matter the size, all of our projects will improve the value, beauty, or functionality of your bathroom.


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