Back in the day, a tile backsplash is intended to protect walls from splatters. Today, it has become a trendy way to add stunning style to your bathroom and kitchen. It offers an avenue for homeowners to express their creative side through small scale DIY projects.

Tile backsplashes come in a wide variety of colors, materials and patterns. It allows you to customize your kitchen or bathroom to your personal preferences. A white backsplash, for instance, reflects light, and creates a bright, clean atmosphere in your bathroom.

Backsplash Tile Design Trends

If you’re re-decorating your bathroom or kitchen, the process of selecting your backsplash tile can be the fun part. Because it’s only small-scale, you can let your creativity run free and just enjoy the experience.

Think of how you can make your backsplash personal and unique. Will classic tiles in a distinctive pattern do? How about one with a mosaic design? The key is to consider the specific area and how it interacts with the rest of the room. You can add something that will provide a focal point that steals the thunder and draws the eye.

Find a way to incorporate concepts that will make your project more intriguing. Think of how you can make your backsplash tile something like an art piece hanging on the wall. If you want to break the stereotype, you can extend your design all the way to the ceiling to create a wallpaper effect.

You can experiment on different ways to introduce, pattern, color, and texture in the area. It can be modern, geometric, simple, or soft – you have endless possibilities to explore!

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